Journalism Summer School

An OSISA and Polytechnic of Namibia Initiative

The OSISA Journalism Summer School was created in response to the multiple challenges confronting journalism and the media in southern Africa today - with the overall objective of improving and strengthening journalism so that it enhances democracy in the region. Targeted at mid-career journalists and media managers in the region, the annual three-week JSS will offer cutting edge courses on a range of topics from ethics to investigative reporting to gender in the newsroom.


Gender in the news and the newsroom

This two-day module will be led by Pat Made and will provide participants with the knowledge and skills to mainstream gender into media editorial and employment policies.

Online tools for the newsroom

This module will be conducted by Chris Roper and aims to equip journalists to accept, embrace and utilise the opportunities provided by digital tools, applications and platforms, in order to create and sustain quality, profitable journalism. There has never been a better time to be a journalist.

Health journalism

This one-day module will be led by Professor Harry Dugmore and will cover three areas in relation to specialised health reporting:

Investigative reporting

This three-day advanced module in investigative reporting will be conducted by Charles Rukuni and Sam Sole and seeks to equip the participants to the Journalism Summer School with knowledge of the key principles in investigative journalism and high-level investigative skills.

Media management

This is a three-day integrated module that covers three inter-linked units - Leadership and Management of Newsrooms; Strategic Management of Media Companies; and Management of Change in Newsrooms.

Using investigative techniques in economics journalism

This module will be conducted by Reg Rumney and aims to instruct journalists in uncovering fraud, corruption and unsavoury practices in the field of business and financial journalism. It will do so by drawing from the investigative techniques developed by experienced journalists both in general reporting and in the field of economics journalism.

Ethics in journalism

This one-day module will be conducted by Professor Franz Kruger and aims to deepen students’ knowledge of the field of journalism ethics, and equip them with tools to make sound, defensible decisions in their professional lives.

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