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Malawi and South Africa: A tale of two elections

As President Jacob Zuma was being inaugurated as South Africa’s president for a second and final term, his Malawian counterpart, President Joyce Banda was annulling the just held elections.  She cited section 82 (2) of the constitution that provides that the president shall provide executive leadership in the interests of national unity and ordered fresh elections in the next 90 days.


Why DRC Lawmakers Again Rejected Special Chambers to Prosecute International Crimes

On May 8, 2014, the National Assembly of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) rejected a government bill seeking to establish special chambers within the Congolese judiciary system.  The special chambers would have the authority to prosecute perpetrators of genocide, crimes against humanity, and war crimes.  This follows the rejection of a similar proposal by the DRC’s Senate in 2010.

Why a bill on Special Chambers?

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ECDE Conference Dec 2013

122 participants from 14 countries, including 10 in southern Africa, came together for a 3-day conference on ECDE in December.


Souls of Khoi-San folk

Many indigenous people struggle in today’s world, suffering from what anthropologists have termed the ‘loss of soul’ – a condition that arises when the connection between people and their traditions and inner lives is broken. When they have forgotten the language and prayers their fathers used to speak to the gods, land and animals. When they don’t hear their ancestors and their ancestors are deaf to them. When they are nameless, uninitiated and like the living dead.

When they lack a story that is their own.


Naming and shaming

When he launched his – sorry Swaziland’s – brand new airport, King Mswati III was determined to make a clear point to all the detractors who had criticised the project over the years. So in front of the assembled praise-singers and TV cameras, Swaziland’s absolute monarch announced that the ‘state-of-the-art’ facility would be known as the King Mswati III International Airport.


Meet Mozambique's next President

Don’t worry if you haven’t heard of Filipe Nyussi. Most Mozambicans don’t know much about him either. But it’s time to start learning because unless something goes very wrong, Nyussi will be Mozambique’s next president.


GBV is not just a women's issue

It’s time to for all of us in southern Africa to make ourselves deliberately uncomfortable about the extent of gender-based violence and open ourselves up to new thinking about how we are manifestly failing in our mission - given the - and how we can change tack and bring some new thinking to the table.

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Undermining Africa's wealth

A critique of the British government’s and British extractive companies’ role in Africa from the colonial era to the current scramble for the continent's resources


No democracy in Swaziland

The Swazi government routinely claims that the kingdom adheres to the 'dictates of true democracy'. King Mswati III calls it a 'monarchical democracy'. But is Swaziland a


Young women picking up the baton

For the past few decades, the women’s movement in southern Africa has been under scrutiny for having lost its vigor. Back in the 1990s, the movement fought gender inequality in private and public spaces, and many governments listened.



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