Swaziland's biggest white elephant

Next month, King Mswati III will officially open Swaziland’s biggest white elephant – the Sikhuphe International Airport, amid fears that it will continue bleeding precious funds from the country’s coffers long after its (long-delayed) completion.


Namibia's war on women

Violence against women and children in Namibia is reaching critical proportions. Of late there have been some particularly horrific incidences of what are unfortunately termed 'passion killings'. The usual public outcry follows each gruesome story. Calls for the reinstatement of the death penalty, a 'national state of emergency' and a return to religious education in schools are but some of the 'solutions' offered for this escalating social evil.


Choosing running mates in Malawi

The electoral bandwagon in Malawi is gathering pace after the presidential candidates officially entered the race – along with their respective running mates. Escorted by diehard supporters clad in their party paraphernalia, the candidates passed through Blantyre last week on their way to file their nomination papers with the Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC).


Code red for justice

“Instead of sitting at home and waiting for flowers on Valentine’s, women have chosen to rise and make demands: making clear that the gift women want is dignity, bodily autonomy, and justice. The flowers can wait,” said Talent Jumo, National Coordinator of the Katswe Sistahood.


No justice from the Swiss

We at the Angolan human rights NGO, Associacao Maos Livres, and Corruption Watch UK, a London-based anti-corruption organisation, are deeply disappointed that Swiss Federal prosecutors have decided not to reopen investigations into a corrupt Russian-Angolan debt deal in which senior politicians, officials and middlemen made hundreds of millions of dollars at the expense of the taxpayers of the two countries.


Looting Zimbabwe

It is hard to believe that in a poor African country where most people survive on less than one US$1 per day, the top executives of some of parastatals are grossing half a million US dollars – per month!


Heading for extinction?

Angola is one of Africa’s most biologically diverse countries, boasting a long Atlantic coastline, dense equatorial forests, rivers thick with mangroves, vast desert expanses, rolling savannah grasslands and high-altitude rocky outcrops.

It is also rich in natural resources. It is the continent’s second-largest producer of crude oil after Nigeria, the world’s fifth-largest producer of diamonds, and it is known to have substantial deposits of gold, copper, iron ore and other minerals.


End of the road for rule of law

The bizarre case of Swaziland's detained chief government vehicle inspector, Bhantshana Gwebu, is further evidence that the judicial system has gone to the dogs. While the constitution places King Mswati and the Queen Mother above the law, it now appears that High Court judges feel that they, too, should not be accountable to the very laws that they have sworn to uphold and safeguard.


Darkness reins over Malawi's Cashgate

Following the massive looting of taxpayers’ money known as cash-gate, Joyce Banda’s government promised Malawians that they would thoroughly investigate the scandal so as to bring the culprits to book and to let Malawians know what really happened.


What's in Zambia's draft Constitution?

The final draft of Zambia's new Constitution, which had been hidden from public view by until it was leaked to the Zambian Watchdog and the , has taken a position on some of the key debates that raged during the constitution-making proces



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