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Breaking New Ground for Indigenous Rights

Landmark judgement gives hope to all marginalised groups in southern Africa, In recent years, courts in southern Africa have obstinately avoided referencing progressive international laws and treaties in their judgements. This has largely been a function of the growing partisanship of benches. As presidents across the region have stacked the judiciary in their favour, judges have been only too happy to oblige the exectuve by putting on blinkers and sticking rigidly to a narrow interpretation of human rights. “Let the rest of the world expand the scope of human rights,” they seem to have been saying. “Here we can stop the march of progress.”

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Mswati parties while his subjects suffer

Swaziland’s King Mswati snagged a ticket to the royal wedding, and went to London with an entourage of 50 people to enjoy the festivities. 70 percent of Mswati’s subjects live below the poverty line.

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Disaster if Zimbabwe exports its crisis to the region

As a Zimbabwean now living in South Africa, I look with alarm at the violations of the rule of law that ZANU-PF seems intent on exporting from Zimbabwe to the region. I left Zimbabwe in January 2006 to pursue further studies at the University of Pretoria. At the time I was working as a magistrate in Mutare. By the time I left, the judiciary in Zimbabwe had been compromised by a number of factors.

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A night in the life of a woman in Fizi

She had heard the rumours - the hurried warnings that soldiers were out for revenge. One of their own had been killed

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Canadian company can face legal action over Congo massacre

Landmark decision allows case against Anvil Mining to proceed



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