Nairobi attack could save the ICC

Some commentators, such as Michela Wrong writing in the Financial Times, have suggested that among the casualties in the Westgate attack in Nairobi is the International Criminal Court (ICC). They are wrong. Perversely, the attack, in providing for delay in ICC proceedings, may allow for the saving of the court.


Can Democracy deliver for Africa?

Multiparty democracy swept across Africa in the early 1990s, as single-party states and authoritarian leaders bowed to pressure from outside and within. Activists hoped greater political freedoms and strong institutions would lead to more government accountability - and more effective development. But two decades later, is this the reality?


Who is in poll position in Malawi?

At first glance, Malawi’s 14 million people have a remarkable array of registered political parties to choose from – 48 to be exact. But with the clock ticking down towards next year’s presidential, parliamentary and local elections, the reality is far simpler since most of the country’s plethora of parties are inactive.


Swaziland's electoral circus

The drama that played out during Swaziland’s primary elections last month provided yet more evidence of the sad circus that is Swazi politics. In fact, the country – recently renamed a “monarchical democracy” by King Mswati III – presents a perfect case study on how not to run elections.


Clogging up Lesotho's justice system

The judicial system in Lesotho is in crisis. After a decade of infighting due to the prevailing cult of personality, there is now a serious backlog of cases - a backlog that is not only delaying but also denying many people the justice they deserve.

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San make a splash at SADC summit

“All we need is for governments in SADC to recognise our existence and to protect our way of life without discrimination and exploitation.” This was the heart of the message that was delivered by Moses //Khumub and the San from Namibia, Botswana, South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe to the Southern African Development Community Civil Society Forum (SADC CSF), which was held recently in Malawi.


Public contempt for private media

All you need to know about President Ian Khama’s view of the private media in Botswana is encapsulated in a quote he delivered at his party’s recent national conference. “These people are shallow in their reasoning,” he said, “and do not contribute anything that is good to the society.”

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Silence Over Apartheid Corruption

Time, it appears, may both heal wounds and erase memory. An example is the argument made by Tony Leon, the former leader of South Africa’s Democratic Alliance, that despite the brutality of its system, the apartheid political elite practised greater internal accountability than we see today.


Lawyers under fire again in Zimbabwe

To be a lawyer in Zimbabwe who is prepared to act for those who find themselves targeted by the Zimbabwean authorities, and more particularly ZANU PF authorities, must be among the most courageous and conscientious decisions any person can make. Not only must you anticipate that there is very little likelihood that your client will get a fair hearing, let alone relief from the courts, but you also have to reckon with the pronounced risk that you yourself will be targeted for carrying out your professional duties.


Deadline day for Zambia's constitution?

Zambia will have a draft constitution by the end of September. A host of deadlines have already come and gone but this one will not be missed says the Technical Committee tasked with drafting the country’s new Supreme Law. But don’t hold your breath.

The current drafting process has already been a torturous ten years in the making, and the goal posts for completion of the final draft have been moved so many times that there was no round of applause over this latest announcement.



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