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Heading for extinction?

Angola is one of Africa’s most biologically diverse countries, boasting a long Atlantic coastline, dense equatorial forests, rivers thick with mangroves, vast desert expanses, rolling savannah grasslands and high-altitude rocky outcrops.

It is also rich in natural resources. It is the continent’s second-largest producer of crude oil after Nigeria, the world’s fifth-largest producer of diamonds, and it is known to have substantial deposits of gold, copper, iron ore and other minerals.


Selling out Angola's street vendors

The announcement that Angola plans to enforce laws banning street trading is another example of ham-fisted policy application by a government that has lost touch with its people and their basic needs.


State of Denial

The government in Angola is in denial. Last week, it denied sending troops into the Republic of Congo, claiming instead the Congolese soldiers tried to occupy Angolan territory.


Angola's transsexual UN ambassador

In a bold move, UNAIDS has gone ahead with a long-mooted plan to make Angola’s transsexual Kuduro star one of its goodwill ambassadors.


Silencing Angola's youth

On the sidelines of the recent United Nations General Assembly meetings in New York, Angola invited investors to a business forum. Vice President Manuel Vicente – who remains , the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) regarding ownership of oil shares –


Keeping Angola's Wealth Fund in the family

Angola’s Sovereign Wealth Fund has been struggling for credibility since its high-profile launch in October last year.


All talk and absolutely no action

More than seven months on from its high-profile launch Angola’s Sovereign Wealth Fund has no investment policy, no chairman and despite its huge press team’s best efforts, dwindling credibility.


'Ghost town' still haunting government

The size of the Nova Cidade de Kilamba, the Chinese built housing development outside Angola’s capital Luanda, was as important as the construction itself. The US$3.5billion estate – made up of over 700 buildings over 54sq kilometres - was supposed to be a flagship symbol of Angola’s post-war economic might and it led many to dare to dream of having their own home.


Singing out in Angola

Titica is one of Angola’s most popular Kuduro singers and received a 2012 Kora nomination for best female artist in Southern Africa. She is also a regular guest on state television, has performed for President Jose Eduardo dos Santos, and her catchy music pumps from speakers in taxis and nightclubs around the capital Luanda, and beyond.


Oil money for a rainy day

Angola has become the latest country on the continent to launch a sovereign wealth fund, joining an elite club of resource-rich nations including Nigeria, Equatorial Guinea and Gabon. Unveiled last week in the capital Luanda, the fundo soberano de Angola (FSDEA)  has pledged to adhere to international standards of transparency, including the generally accepted principles and practices, or "Santiago principles", defined by the international working group of sovereign wealth funds.

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