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Future of education post 2015

Leymar is a refugee from the Democratic Republic of Congo living in South Africa. Like many other refugee children, Leymar – which is not his real name – does not go to school. He does not have the necessary papers to register at the local school and language is another barrier. His dream of a quality education may never be realised – and there are many children like him.


OSISA study catalyst for action on youth and adult education

More than half of the children in southern Africa who enrol in grade one don’t make it to secondary school. Most of them are girls. Many drop out before they even complete primary school and some do not even have the opportunity to enrol. The result is a large number of young people who are neither in education, employment nor training – popularly known as the NEETs.


Rethinking indigenous education

The statistics relating to San children in Namibia and education are shocking. Only 67 percent of San children in the country enrol in school. And only 1 percent of those children complete secondary school. Think about that for a second. And then add the fact that none of them make it to university.


Cursed by conflict: Education in DRC

The combination of a youth bulge and failures in education represent a serious threat to the future development of many African countries. Education systems are simply not providing the youth with the skills they need to escape poverty – worse still, many are left out of the system altogether. And the situation in countries affected by conflict is even worse.


Education and the Death of Creativity

It is now a few weeks since I took my daughter for her first day of school. As an education activist who is aware of the realities of education in South Africa and the broader region, this day had a very special meaning for me. As I dressed my daughter in her beautiful light green and white uniform, I thought how lucky she is to have the opportunity to go to school at all.And hers is not an ordinary southern African school where teacher-student ratios no longer matter, facilities are wanting, infrastructure is in a sorry state, and texts books are almost a luxury.

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