Kandengues Unidos

Kandengues Unidos is a group of activists, educators and professionals from various areas of knowledge with extensive experience working directly with populations who live in conditions of greater vulnerability to the exercise of their basic rights. Their main objective is to identify, produce and promote the access of the most vulnerable groups to information appropriate to their needs, particular living conditions and culture. Their strategy is to identify and test with specific groups informative contents that respond to their needs and clarify their doubts.

Colectivo de Arte Twana Twangola

Angolan art collective Twana Twangola will hold the 1st National Forum of Community Based Organizations (CBOs) on 02 and 03 this month under the motto "children's participation in the process of governance in schools and communities" . In a note sent to Angop today, the organization anticipates that the event will be aimed at collecting subsidies that contribute to the development of Angolan children. The event is part of the plan to publicize the 11 commitments to the child, whose project is being implemented in the provinces of Luanda, Huambo, Zaire and Kwanza Sul.

Conselho de Igrejas Cristãs de Angola (CICA)

The Angolan Council of Christian Churches (CICA) is an ecumenical umbrella organization of Christian Churches which was established in 1977. Currently it includes 20 churches and two faith-based institutions working with national and international organizations in the pursuit of spiritual well-being and social development of Angola. It is based in Luanda and it is represented countrywide by acting structures through Ecumenical Cooperation Committees. It has 3 centers for vocational technical training, in Luanda, Benguela and Huambo.

Accao para o Desenvolvimento Rural e Ambiente (ADRA)

Acção para o Desenvolvimento Rural e Ambiente (ADRA) is an Angolan non-governmental organisation established in 1990. Over the past 20 years, ADRA has been working on strengthening local communities and promoting sustainable development, with a special emphasis on rural areas and poor suburbs of Luanda. It has also established itself as a space for dialogue between government and communities – to promote citizens´ participation in public policy and planning.

Our Clusters: A Customized Approach to Grant Making

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Human Rights: The Human-Centered Toolkit

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10 Countries: A Platform to Harness Collaboration for Social Good

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