Congolese Jurisprudence under International Criminal Law

To what extent is Congolese jurisprudence in line with that of international criminal tribunals, and in particular with that of the International Criminal Court (ICC) whose Congolese courts have directly applied the Statute?


Centre d’Appui à l’Education et au Développement Communautaire (CEDECO)

The Support Centre for Education and Community Development, CEDECO acronym, is a non-profit association for the promotion and defense of human rights. It is endowed with legal personality granted by the Governor of South Kivu province, recorded at the Department of Justice by Certificate No. JUST 112 / SV-S / 2789/2009. It is allowed to operate with the letter n ° 01/111 / GOUPRO-SK / 2013 of 12 March 2013 and has a F92 / 25 279 registered by the Ministry of Justice and Seal Guard in Kinshasa at No. JUST / SG / 20/1538/2015.

Centro Cultural Mosaiko

The Centro Cultural Mosaiko is an organization that is part of Roman Catholic Church, which was created and run by the Dominican Missionaries. The Mission of Mosaiko is to contribute to the establishment of culture and education of human rights in Angola, through research and promotion of initiatives towards an integrated development of the whole Angolan society. Mosaiko is the first Angolan Church related organization to explicitly assume the promotion of human rights as its work, acting in different parts of the country and with 13 years of experience.

Congolese Media Observatory (OMEC)

The Congolese Media Observatory (OMEC) is an organisation exclusively reserved for journalists. It is a totally independent structure that monitors journalists’ ethics, and promotes their rights and professionalism. It is a non-profit association that was created in Kinshasa on 20 November 1998. OMEC organises workshops, conferences and seminars on subjects related to the integrity of the press, the professional treatment of information, and the safety of journalists.

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A night in the life of a woman in Fizi

She had heard the rumours - the hurried warnings that soldiers were out for revenge. One of their own had been killed

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Canadian company can face legal action over Congo massacre

Landmark decision allows case against Anvil Mining to proceed

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