Wings To Transcend Namibia

Wings To Transcend Namibia (WTTN) is a Namibian Transgender rights and health organisation that was formed in October 2015 as a voice for the transgender community in Namibia to advocate for the legal gender recognition, non-discriminatory and non-stigmatising health care, and trans and gender sensitive health care in both the public and private health care services across Namibia.

Legal Assistance Center (LAC)

The LAC was founded in 1988 as a public interest law centre, is a registered Trust, and is the only Namibian organisation presently active in this field in Namibia. The Legal Assistance Trust’s Board of Trustees, consisting of acting judges, lawyers and other experts, oversees the work and finances of the LAC. The LAC operates with the consent and support of the Law Society of Namibia and its lawyers are all members of the Law Society of Namibia, which is a requirement by law.

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!Kung Victory over Land Grabs

The High Court of Namibia delivered a ruling which represents a critical legal victory for the !Kung and Ju/’oan (San) communities living in the N≠a Jaqna and Nyae Nyae conservancies in North East Namibia.

Rethinking indigenous education

The statistics relating to San children in Namibia and education are shocking. Only 67 percent of San children in the country enrol in school. And only 1 percent of those children complete secondary school. Think about that for a second. And then add the fact that none of them make it to university.

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