Mulumbo Early Childhood Development Foundation

Mulumbo Early Childhood Care and Development runs community-based centres that provide ECED services to children ages 0-8 in economically vulnerable communities in Zambia, advocates for increased national attention to ECED, and mentors other ECED programs. Mulumbo caregivers also provide home-based early childhood development services for children between the ages of 0-3 by conducting home visits. Caregivers provide antenatal advice and services to pregnant women, and provide support and guidance to parents on nutrition and parenting issues.

Cecily's Fund-Bwafwano Integrated Services

Bwafwano operates in four districts of the country. Namely, Lusaka, Chibombo, Chongwe and Mkushi Districts of Zambia with the Lusaka center being the secretariat. Bwafwano CHBCO was established in 1996 as a community response to the increasing number of HIV/AIDS/TB and OVC in Chipata catchments area, a peri-urban settlement of over 103,000 people north of Lusaka main city.

The Center for Trade Policy and Development

The Centre for Trade Policy and Development is a non-profit making, membership based trade policy think tank which aims to promote pro-poor trade policies and practices. The organization was established in 1999 as Civil Society Trade network and was later rebranded to be the Centre for Trade Policy and Development-CTPD. CTPD provides analytical research, capacity building and facilitation services in trade and investment sectors to Civil Society Organizations, local private sector, Small Scale Producer groups and government.

Network for Community Resource Governance (NCRG)

The Network for Community Resource Governance (NCRG) is a network of resource rich communities in Zambia established two years ago to promote prudent natural resource governance. NCRG presumes that poor but resource rich communities and individuals are capable of managing themselves, and seeks only to amplify their voices through the provision of strategic support in the form of community mobilisation, training, representation, research, advocacy and public education.

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Zambia Elections 2016: ZEIC Launches Citizens Pre-Election Report

A pre-election report providing a comprehensive view of events and activities in the run-up to the elections. In this report offered to key stakeholders and the electorate, ZEIC notes a number of key issues that may be determining factors in the delivery of a free fair and credible elections.


Beyond the Millennium Development Goals: Food Security in Zambia post-2015

While Zambia’s is undergoing rapid development, it still faces food security challenges, but a joint research project is looking at how these can be tackled, looking forward to how countries in southern Africa can achieve sustainable forms of development, as envisaged by the proposed Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 


Research into pre-trial detention in Zambia

On Monday 25th July, an unprecedented study was launched in Lusaka entitled – Pre-trial detention in Zambia: Understanding caseflow management and conditions of incarceration.

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National Association of the Deaf and Development of Zambia

Established with a view to promote and encourage mutual and integrated development between the Deaf and the hearing through community participation

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