Training DRC education CSOs to follow the money

OSISA funds public finance and governance training for Congolese activists

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August 21st, 2013

It is clear that rebuilding the education sector in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) will require a large amount of time, effort and money. But one major step was taken last month when representatives from civil society organisations involved in education from each of Congo’s provinces came together in Kinshasa to be trained in critical issues relating to public finance and governance.

Organised by the Research Center for Development in Africa Centre (CEDA) with funds form the Open Society Initiative for Southern Africa (OSISA), the aim of the training was not to turn civil society activists into financial inspectors or auditors, but to empower them with a greater understanding of public finances, as well as with the skills to organise public activities and influence policy decisions according to one overriding principle – ‘the priority in public spending is to match resources to the basic needs of the population’.

Presented by experts in the field, all ten training modules were created by CEDA after extensive consultation with experts and practitioners in the field of education across the Congo.

In his closing remarks, Nick Elebe ma Elebe, OSISA’s Country Director in the DRC, thanked all the trainers and participants for their commitment during the training as well as their fierce determination to improve governance – and the use of public funds – in the education sector.

Elebe also assured the participants of OSISA’s long-term commitment to work with them on these issues – but stressed that it was now up to them to go back to their organizations and communities and begin to pass on what they learned as well as to put it into practice.

The spokesman for the participants thanked all those who – in one way or another – sought to improve the welfare of Congolese children by enhancing the education sector. And he added that CEDA and OSISA – and the people of DRC – could count on the participants to use their new skills and knowledge to foster real and positive change in the education sector.


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