HIFA to open with OSISA-backed show

Zimbabwean festival to kick off with extravaganza for 10,000

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Strategic communications for WWF

April 29th, 2013

At 7.30pm on Tuesday 30th of April, the annual Harare International Festival of Arts (HIFA) will explode into life - with around 10,000 people from all walks of life converging for a fun-filled look at the passage of time, ‘What’s Next: Looking Back/Looking Forward’.

This year’s  is sponsored by OSISA  and HIVOS  and is presented by BancABC and promises to be an interactive extravaganza - a spectacle of music, dance and visuals. It is a celebration of young Zimbabwean talent and a chance for everyone there to sing and dance their way into . A glittering array of musicians from Starbrite and the very best of Zimbabwean dancers will take the audience on a thrilling journey through the decades, exploring some of Zimbawe's most legendary music.

Most importantly, every audience member will be given the opportunity to experience their own magical moment of memory, inspiring pride for today, and excitement for tomorrow as they consider ‘What’s Next: Looking Back/Looking Forward'.

That is also the overall theme of the 2013 event, which is expected to attract 1,200 artists from across the world to Harare - to provide fun, entertainment and a space for debate and dialogue. The 6-day festival will run until May 5th and is expected to be attended by around 60,000 people.
After a decade of repression and crackdowns on open dialogue and debate, Zimbabweans desperately needs spaces like HIFA to remind them that - like other, more open societies - it is their right to participate in national and public events and to air their views. And HIFA also allows Zimbabweans time to think about other things - to put aside the struggles and the strife and remember that life is not all about water, power, food shortages, violence, alienation and the next elections.




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