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As part of the !Khwa ttu San Film Festival (in parallel with Encounters Documentary Film Festival) Richard Wicksteed hosts a workshop entitled "Introduction to video production and distribution from remote areas for First People communicators" between 20-23 June 2012. 
Richard Wicksteed is a Southern African documentary film-maker specialising in films giving expression to San/Bushman and African indigenous cultures in transition in the age of globalization. His extensive footage of the late San icon Dawid Kruiper is currently in post production to be launched as "A Bushman Odyssey" soon. 
The workshop will focus on the theory of video production from remote areas (incl. scripting, budgeting, fundraising, shooting and editing, theories of citizen journalism and modes of storytelling), practical short film shooting excursions and editing excursuses and finally on modes of distribution from remote areas (incl. internet and social networking broadcast possibilities, NGO networks, and DVD pamphleteering).
This is the only festival event for which a fee is charged: R250 for the three day-course, including lunch and refreshments, or R750 including accommodation on site and full board


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