Centre des Technologies Innovatrices et le Développement Durable

Created in July 5, 2010, the Centre des Technologies Innovatrices et le Développement Durable « CTIDD » is recognized by the Congolese state under Reference No. 17 .077, of Justice Ministry. CTIDD Works in partnership with organizations of international civil society as Forest Peoples Programme, Socialist Solidarityto increase its lobbying and advocacy. CTIDD has expertise in forestry issues and environmental protection.

Natural Justice: Lawyers for Communities and the Environment

Natural Justice (Lawyers for Communities and the Environment) is an international collective of legal practitioners, established in South Africa in January 2007, with the vision of using the law to ensure the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity. This is achieved through the self-determination of Indigenous Peoples (IP) and local communities. Natural Justice’s mission is to facilitate the full and effective participation of local communities in the development and implementation of law and policy that impacts biodiversity and their associated cultural heritage.

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