Language Rights fellowship forthcoming event in Zimbabwe

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A Tonga Language, Culture and Development symposium will be held in Binga, Zimbabwe from 13th – 15th June 2012. The event will be implemented by the University of Zimbabwe Department of African Languages & Literature in collaboration with the University of Zambia Department of Literature & Languages as well as members of the Tonga community in Binga and representatives of the Tonga community in Zambia.
For a long time, Tonga, spoken by a large number of people in Zimbabwe, has been marginalised. The exact number of Tonga-speaking people in Zimbabwe has not been established because, according to the Tonga people themselves, they have been under-counted in successive censuses due to the misconception that the Tonga are found only in Binga District when they are found elsewhere such as in Kariba Province. Although there are about 16 indigenous African languages in Zimbabwe, only Shona and Ndebele have been taught at the University of Zimbabwe (UZ) since 1960. The Department of African languages and literature at the University of Zimbabwe wishes to introduce the study of more indigenous languages starting with Tonga in September 2012. The aim of the symposium in Binga is to involve the Tonga community in the process of introducing the study of their mother tongue at University level.


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