Colin Warner

Colin Warner is the Operations Director at OSISA, he has been with the organisation since 2011. Warner has an extensive background in banking, beginning his career in 1974. In 1990 he left the banking industry to start his own finance company that was later sold to the then ABSA Group in 1995, he stayed on as MD until 1997. He then joined Brait Merchant Bank in 2002. Before joining OSISA Warner started a consulting firm that focused on turning companies around, a job that he finds very rewarding; most notable is his work at the Independent Development Trust. They were on the brink of a qualified audit by the Auditor General but Warner turned things around in a short space of time, managing to avoid the qualified audit altogether.


  • 1 Hood Avenue/148 Jan Smuts; Rosebank, GP 2196; South Africa
  • T. +27 (0)11 587 5000
  • F. +27 (0)11 587 5099